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Site Mission Statement

Sharing knowledge: to improve tree cropping in New Zealand – promoting ‘treecrops’.
This web site is primarily for those who have joined our association for learning, and also to invite others to ethically share our interests.
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We live in challenging times

Regrettably, as our country’s wealth becomes more polarised with greater-public-good knowledge and assets becoming privatised or scrapped, fewer resources are available to fewer investigators to scientifically research promising crop improvements for our common benefit.  Research becomes increasingly privatised, for corporate benefit only.
Adhering to the old adage “Publish or Perish” is now a challenge for us, perhaps only countered by increasing use of digital tools.

‘Best of’ on-line archive posts are re-appearing as opportunity permits – tree knowledge, like DNA, ages well.
Our best opportunity though may be to digitally publicise our cause, especially to attract younger tree croppers. Otherwise, what might they think of us – their ancestors, if they find we’ve embezzled their tree cropping inheritance with other public assets, to a greedy few?

We list a few concerns in our Members section.

Let’s promote greater-public-good activities like tree cropping, before it’s too late—

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Grow your own future – Welcome to tree crops! — 3 Comments

  1. Just a thought as a newbie, how about a copy of the contents of each Treecropper on the website. Then if something interests they could contact a local member / secretary for a hard copy? You could start from now as backdating would take a lot of time. Future members may appreciate this (or not).

    • See the note ‘Recent editions -’ on TreeCropper page.
      Thanks for alerting us it needed updating!
      It expands on hints in comment below ‘on behalf of respected source’.

      Having recent TreeCropper mags on-line might cause a big drop in membership, no?

      TC’s 60, 64 and 69 are online there for members, and TC 68 notes there explain some difficulties.

  2. On behalf of respected source-
    Privacy concerns above are overstated. “Public is public and printed is public”;
    TreeCropper is public already, so now website-publish back-issues
    Members already have a printed version of the TreeCropper so why go to the effort? Stupid idea if you ask me.
    New members it’s all about – New Members do not have a printed version of the older TreeCroppers (gold).
    So – just edit out all email addresses, branch contacts and … ? helluva job;
    What PDF editor is affordable and effective please, under Ubuntu?

    Log-in? Hate it! HATE IT!

    OK gotcha. Next observations please-