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Tree Crops – ‘Treecrops’ – Site Mission Statement

Sharing knowledge: to improve tree cropping in New Zealand – promoting ‘treecrops’.

Welcome to our official treecrops national web site.  
We invite you to ethically share our interests.
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On a more personal level, we encourage you to visit your nearest local branch’s field day events visiting interesting growers and topical meetings Visitors are warmly welcomed (unless otherwise stated, for some unusual reason).

Members nation-wide are invited to meet nationally at our Annual Conference – open to all, when visitors can join us to enjoy our special tours and workshops –

Conference 2015 in March is hosted by our Northland Branch, themed “Biological Growing”, and includes an inspiring range of workshops, field trips, and expert speakers – more information….

Quality printed magazine

Our national TreeCropper magazine publication is proudly edited and printed to a high standard every quarter.  TreeCropper is posted to all members.

NZTCA regional branches produce printed newsletters, although most branches now offer a convenient emailed option which is increasingly popular.

We live in challenging times

Let’s promote greater-public-good activities like tree cropping, before it’s too late—

For upcoming events you can attend and other notices, note the Events you can attend  tab at top.

Tree, Crop enquiries our website volunteers cannot handle – Sorry!  But please attend a nearby Branch event – visitors welcome – and enquire there.