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Tree Crops – ‘Treecrops’ – Site Mission Statement

Sharing knowledge: to improve tree cropping in New Zealand – promoting ‘treecrops’.
The official treecrops web site is primarily for those who have joined NZ Tree Crops Association for learning.  We also to invite others to ethically share our interests.
Please check the grey menu-bar above for an overview.

For wider information, we encourage you to please visit your local meetings and field days.  Traditionally, NZ tree crops activity has been organised into regional Branches to facilitate our popular local events.

This on-line log book web site aims to support the Branch structure, publicising upcoming branch events.  Hints of current topics appear in the automated sidebar of most pages.

Individual Branch’s aspirations are democratised at our Annual Conference – open to all, when formal branch submissions form nation-wide policy –
Conference 2015 in March is hosted by our Northland Branch, themed “Biological Growing”, and includes an inspiring range of workshops, field trips, and expert speakers – more information….

Print-based tradition

Printed documents used to be the method of notifying and recording activities and events:
Recording information to share stemmed from academic disciplines which obligated commitment to the printed word, especially for research trials and other major ongoing efforts.

Our national TreeCropper  magazine publication is proudly edited and printed to a high standard every quarter.  TreeCropper is posted to all members.

NZTCA regional branches produce printed newsletters, although most branches casually offer a convenient emailed option which is increasingly popular.

Web publishing: Complementing our TreeCropper magazine is on-line NEWS and non-NZTCA articles which are tree-crop-related.

We live in challenging times

With greater-public-good efforts and assets being privatised or scrapped, fewer resources are made available for research.  Fewer investigators means less scientific research of promising crops or improvements for our common benefit
Adhering to the old adage “Publish or Perish” is now a challenge for us.  Fewer papers can perhaps be partially countered by increasing use of digital tools.  Join us in this challenge, as we re-group our research efforts and update our knowledge sharing.

Holding on to what we have

‘Best of’ on-line archive posts are re-appearing here as opportunity permits – tree knowledge, like DNA, ages well.
Consult TreeCropper  for updates of our tree cropping knowledge.
Our best opportunity though may be to digitally publicise our cause, especially to attract younger tree croppers. 

Let’s promote greater-public-good activities like tree cropping, before it’s too late—

For upcoming events you can attend and other notices, see the Branches tab at top.

Need to tell us something discretely? — Spotted an error?
Also, web management welcomes criticisms and other feedback, written please. 
For fast attention please use the Branches > Get-in-touch simple form.

NZTCA is not yet a secret society.  Our members-only section is primarily concerned with protecting the privacy of members and supporters, and secondly protects some of our most hard-won research efforts for subscription-paying members to rightfully have first use of.  There is NO top secret information to hide, and no information nor discussion should be protected unless it involves privacy or research.